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Top 5 Issues Face By Big Girl Thick Thighs

  1. Chafing (aka chubrub) both painful and embarrassing

  2. Thighs squeezing and coming into contact with the underside of a table when seated. Sliding in between a table when seated can be challenging. Worse yet you legs come into contact with whatever is left on the underside of the table. (We'll let that sink in)

  3. Jeans either being too tight in the legs or too loose in the waist

  4. Average shorts become short shorts. (I don't see this as an issue, but many women say they do)

  5. Two piece swimsuit shopping becomes challenging because you have to mix top and bottom sizes

We know that there are many others ladies and why I know it can be irritating hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing that you are and will be admired.

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