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Inner Thigh Chafing (aka Chub Rub)

Inner thigh chafing is an issue that every Big Girl experiences at least some point in her life. In addition to being embarrassing and a total "mood killer" especially at the end of what otherwise would be a great night, it is also painful.

They offer underwear that goes down further on the leg, but that is also a "mood killer" and feels non-sexy underneath ones dress to say the least.

Also another solution that is offered are various powders, but the chemical agents and perfumes found in many of these can be also irritating as well.

The solution I have found that really works and provides a more natural feel is simply corn starch. For those of you that have not experienced, corn starch has a smooth, silky texture to it that feel nice and soothing on the skin. It can be used to prevent chafing but also works to heal once chafing has occurred.

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