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by Carey Buck

The first and most important thing in making plus size dating successful for you is confidence. If you are a plus size man or a plus size woman you both must still be confident in yourself. I hope you realize how huge that one thing is in your plus size dating life. Also, if you are a man or woman who is interested in a plus sized person, well you too must possess confidence as well.

After you have confidence, which is definitely something that is noticed by others with out you knowing that they notice it, you are now set to find the person you want to begin dating.

There are many ways to find a potential date. You see people every single day of your life, don't you? Some of which may strike your fancy, right? Why not pick a day and decide to actually go up to one of the people that you find attractive. And for the record I don't care if you are a plus size woman and the man you find attractive is skinnier then your 15 yr. old sister. Pick a day to decide to talk to him. Every man and woman in this world is attracted to a particular "type." And it's not fair for you to pre-judge what everyones type is. Is it?

OK so just start talking to him. Have a normal everyday conversation. If he's interested in the least you'll know. Look for smiling, look for actual interest in the conversation, look for eye contact, look for touching (ya know maybe he's trying to make a point and he puts his hand on your shoulder to do so.) Look for those things. If you notice any of all of that, then you are one step closer to making plus size dating for you successful today. Here's the deal.....some men and some women, regardless of how many clues you give them are just too shy to pick up on them and ask for a date. This is when you REALLY need your confidence to break through, ok? It's OK for a woman to ask a man out on a date. I promise you this. Besides if you know he's interested but he's too shy or afraid to ask you out, how are you ever going to go on a date with him? You're not, unless you take the initiative. So if you feel he's interested and he's just not asking you out or asking for your number, you're going to have to do it. Just ask him if he'd like to get together for coffee or lunch sometime. That's it. It's that simple, I swear.

Now with the advice above that's for finding someone anywhere that you are. But let's say you are strictly interested in plus size women or plus size men. So what should you do now? Well, of course, they can be anywhere too but more importantly why not think about where you know they definitely ARE and where the other body types are NOT. You know like at plus size clothing stores! If you go to places where you know plus size men or women are that will sky rocket your plus size dating success.

Another awesome way to really boost your plus size dating success is with the internet. Folks there are tons of plus size dating chat rooms, forums and dating websites that you can go to. The majority of which are free at least to just sign up first. This is a major targeted audience for you. If your type is plus sized men or women well don't you think the majority of folks that go to plus size chat rooms and forums are in fact plus sized? There are tons of these forums, chat rooms and dating sites that cater to the plus size community and their admirers. Just do an online search and voila; you are on your way to a successful plus size dating future! Article Source:

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by Ramit Soni

It is easy now for plus size women to look and feel attractive with all the options out there to choose from. Famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have really changed the way we look at larger women, and these voluptuous beauties should never be overlooked. Do you tend to picture larger women as wearing large white panties that offer no form or shape? Change that thinking process right now, because sexy plus size lingerie is now a force to be reckoned with in the lingerie market, giving women more choices and more freedom to do what feels right.

If you are out on the hunt for some sexy plus size lingerie, keep in mind that there are different styles out there, that look good on different women. Just because something may look tight and form fitting on a 90lb skin and bones type girl doesn't mean it will look good on a curvaceous beauty. In fact, it rarely ever does. Retro and vintage underwear makes very sexy plus size lingerie because when these styles came into being the women had more to them.

They really had the kinds of curves and valleys that would make a man go wild, and the underwear of the time was tailored towards this fact. These styles don't try to suppress a woman's curves, rather they work with the natural beauty and really make the look work. Plus size women are now a deciding factor in what is sexy. Satin panties or bras really look great on a plus size woman, and they have a certain classy appeal to them that many men love. If you are looking for a bit more coverage then you should look into a style of panties called Tanga. They leave more up to the imagination and really work in that aspect. Article Source:

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By Gregg Hall

Plus sized women in the recent past were not able to get the sexy lingerie that women of smaller sizes were able to enjoy. Most bigger women had to wear stuff that looked more like a tent than a piece of lingerie. This is no longer the case. Now larger women can dress in lingerie that will make their men go nuts too. All women should have the right and ability to look sexy and feel attractive no matter how big they are. Not only that but there are now so many styles, sizes, and colors available you are sure to find something that you will love.

Now you don't have to just accept cheap general store quality lingerie either, big companies such as Victoria's Secret are even getting into the act. Just because you are a little heavy or even if you are a lot heavy you don't have to settle for something that is not sexy. You will find chemises, Baby Dolls, teddies, or other intimate lingerie that designers are making especially for plus size women. There are innumerable choices of satin, silk, and lacy panties available in the larger sizes now too. A great looking, sexy bra and panty set will make any woman feel sexier.

Toss out the old frumpy stuff you have in your closet and get something a little more daring and sexy. Don't be afraid to choose a piece that is sheer that will tease your man like a see through slip or sheer chemise. With the selection available today there are tons of choices in all kinds of different styles that will keep your man interested and make him go crazy over you. Experiment with different things such as a satin corset or even one made of black leather. Lingerie isn't just for the skinny chicks anymore, now you get to take advantage of all the same diversity that they have enjoyed for years. Lingerie can be used to add spice to anyone's life and can bring the spark back to a relationship that may be suffering.

There are nearly as many different sources of plus size lingerie as there are different styles. In addition to all the department stores that offer specialty departments for lingerie for the larger woman, there are lots of retailers on the internet that also make these items available. The great thing about shopping online is that you can do so in the comfort of your own home, so if you are a little self conscious you can still get everything your heart desires. Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Article Source:

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